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How to Use PLR Content

PLR or private label content is that which someone else wrote, but you buy the rights to. While licensing varies, you can usually use it however you want and claim it as your own after altering it somehow. Along with buying your content from a quality provider, it’s important that you pay attention to the content licensing to ensure you’re using it correctly. You can use private label rights content for many things in your business, and the six tips below can get you on the right track.

Use it for Article Marketing

After you rewrite your natural health PLR to be mostly original, you can post them on article marketing sites that link back to your site. This is an effective way to promote your products and become known as a niche expert. However, you should be cautious, as many article marketing websites have restrictions on the use of PLR. If you rewrite it so it’s all new and it passes a Copyscape check, you should be OK.

Turn it Into Blog Posts

You should be careful about using free health PLR articles download on your niche blog. Again, if you rework it enough, it’ll be just fine. The important thing is to make it unique enough to avoid Google’s dreaded duplicate content penalty; 50% uniqueness is a good number to shoot for. Change the title and headline, put your own spin on things, and use a thesaurus to come up with different ways to say the same thing.

Repurpose the Content

Rather than using skin care PLR as it was written, turn it into something new. For instance, you can turn an article into a PowerPoint presentation/slideshow with different titles and headlines. If you have an eBook, turn it into separate blog posts and articles. If you’re dealing with a pack of blog posts, turn them into eCourses or YouTube videos. Finding new purposes for content is a great way to get the most use out of anything you put on your site.

Start a Membership Site

Combine all the PLR printables you buy into a members-only site where your subscribers can see and purchase only from you. On these membership sites, you can keep your PLR as-is, but of course, it’s important to give it a new cover, a new title, and make it unique so it’s only yours.

Create Information Products

Another great way to use PLR books is to turn them into information products. If you want to get other people into the niche, this is a great way to make extra money with the products you already have. Or if you need to get great plr coaching workshops then using a trusted supplier like CoachGlue can save you loads of time and present your audience with premium coaching content and PLR printable planners you can use to train your customers.

Give Visitors a Gift

If you want to give people a reason to sign up for your email newsletter, give them a video course you’ve made from the PLR videos you’ve bought from your local private label rights sites. Everyone likes getting stuff for free, but it’s important to ensure that you’re giving them something they REALLY want. You can also throw a PLR piece in as a bonus that goes with the other services and products you sell. There are many ways to make money fast with PLR, and once you learn the answer to the question “what are PLR products?”, you’re halfway there.

Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Existing Content

Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Existing Content

Repurposing your existing content is a fantastic way to get more mileage out of your hard work. It not only saves time but also helps you reach a broader audience. So, let’s dive into some easy and creative ways to repurpose your content:

  1. Turn Blog Posts into Social Media Updates: Got a blog post with some great tips? Take snippets or key points from it and turn them into engaging social media posts. Add eye-catching graphics or images to make them pop.
  2. Create Infographics: If your content is data-heavy or full of statistics, why not create an infographic? Tools like Canva make it super easy, even if you’re not a design whiz.
  3. Make Videos: Repurpose written content into video format. You can create explainer videos, how-to guides, or even just read your blog post in front of the camera. Videos tend to grab more attention on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.
  4. Podcast Episodes: Do you have a blog with insightful content? Convert it into a podcast episode. Some people prefer listening over reading, so you’ll be catering to a different audience.
  5. Compile Ebooks or Guides: Gather related blog posts or articles and turn them into downloadable ebooks or guides. It’s a great way to generate leads and offer valuable resources to your audience.
  6. Webinars or Live Q&A Sessions: Take your written content and turn it into a live webinar or Q&A session. Engage with your audience in real-time and answer their questions.
  7. Guest Posts: If you’ve written an in-depth blog post, consider turning it into a guest post for another blog in your niche. It can help you reach a new audience and build relationships with fellow bloggers.
  8. Email Newsletters: Use your blog content as the basis for email newsletters. Summarize the key points and include links to the full articles.
  9. Create a Slide Deck: Convert your content into a presentation using PowerPoint or Google Slides. This is excellent for sharing on platforms like SlideShare.
  10. Social Media Stories: Turn your content into a series of engaging social media stories. Share bite-sized pieces of information with your followers.
  11. Interactive Quizzes or Polls: If your content can be turned into a quiz or a poll, it’s a fun and interactive way to engage your audience.
  12. Update and Republish: Don’t forget to revisit your old content and give it a fresh update. Google loves updated content, and it can help improve your search rankings.
  13. Incorporate User-generated Content: Encourage your audience to share their experiences related to your content. You can then feature their stories on your blog or social media.
  14. Create Pinterest Pins: Design visually appealing pins for Pinterest using your blog content. Pinterest is a great platform for driving traffic to your website.
  15. Transform Lists into Visuals: If you have lists or tips in your content, consider turning them into eye-catching visuals. People love quick-reference guides.

Remember, the key to successful repurposing is to adapt your content to suit the platform and audience you’re targeting. It’s all about getting the most value from your hard work and providing valuable information to your audience in various formats. So, get creative, and have fun repurposing your content!